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Friday, January 30, 2009

sadguru narayan maharaj of kedgaon, near pune

Shri Sadguru Narayan Maharaj of Kedgaon
if u find the god then please visit Kedgaon, near pune-solapur higway, distance between pune-kedgaon is only 50 kilometer.
In Kedgaon Bet u have free hosting free food facility. there is very beautiful God Datta's Temple, total area of Bet Kedgaon is 11 Aceras.
Narayan Maharaj is Hindu Sant, at the time of Saibaba Shirdi, MeharBaba Nagar, Upasni Maharaj.
Narayan Maharaj Build Kedgaon Bet at 1914.
Please visit at Kedgaon Bet, and take experience,
Also Visit the Website-
Born on 20th May 1885, at Bagalkot in Karnataka, Shri Sadguru Narayan Maharaj's early childhood was full of difficulties and calamities. He lost his parents at a very early age, and was more or less looked after by his grandmother. But the family disputes prevailed and he had to leave his house in search of the real peace.
He stayed in solitude in a Shiva temple in search of what rarely one tries and one finds. His "Bhakti" or devotion for Lord Dattatreya protected Him from several calamities. It is said that while He was staying alone in a Shiva temple for meditation, a tiger used to visit the temple without doing any harm to Maharaj.
His suffering in life advanced His implicit faith in Lord Dattatreya. There happened many other incidents in which He was saved by the divine grace of His Lord Dattatreya. Later as per the instructions of a Saint, He went to Gangapur for about 10 months, and achieved spiritual heights.
Shri Sadguru Narayan Maharaj

After wandering from place to place He came to Kedgaon-Bet, a place near Pune, and acquired nearly 4 hectare of land, and built a Majestic Temple of Lord Dattatrreya, a large Dharamshala for devotees, Sadhna place for Maharaj, a Shiva Temple and many cottages. This self-sufficient township distributed free food to the poor and all became engrossed in the bhakti of the Lord, and spiritual Bliss was flowing.
From 1942 onward, He was seen having frequent problems with His health and decided to go to Ottacmond for a change. Finally He came to Bangalore where He desired to perform an `Ati Rudra Swahakar' to Lord Mallikarjun.
Lavish arrangements were made by the State of Mysore for this occasion, and it was attended by nearly 100,000 people. After the Maha Pooja, He gave a mantra to the devotees present, and retired to His chamber and sat in Padmasana (The Lotus Posture) and left His physical body, on the 3rd of September 1945.
Narayana's Throne
Maharaj was a wide traveler and He traveled to many places, including Varanasi, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Nepal, Omkareshwar, Mahakaleswar, Rameshwar, Madurai, Chidambaram, Shiv Kanchi, Vishnu Kanchi, Tirupathi, Ramakrishna Ashram, Calcutta, Banglore, Mysore, Dwarka, Somnath, Dakornath, Shri Gokarna Mabaleshwar and Nagpur, and Kampti.
Meher Baba referred to Narayan Maharaj as a Perfect Master. Here is a story of of Meher Baba's omniscience that relates to Narayan Maharaj. Prior to becoming one of Meher Baba's early disciples, a young boy named Ramchandra Pankhraj lived in Kamptee near Nagpur. Narayan Maharaj used to visit a temple at Kamptee, and on these occasions Pankhraj used to criticize Narayan Maharaj for the opulence of his dress and ornamentation, which included gold rings and clothing made of silk. When Pankhraj went to see Meher Baba for the first time at Ahmednagar, Meher Baba all-knowingly refused to meet Pankhraj and sent a message instead that Pankhraj should give his devotion to Narayan Maharaj who, Baba explained, was a Sadguru.
In no time Pankhraj understood the relationship between in Baba's order to him, and his former practice of criticizing Narayan Maharaj. Pankhraj begged Meher Baba for forgiveness. The status of a Sadguru as described by Meher Baba in "God Speaks" is unparalleled among men, and it is an unparalleled blunder to backbite a Sadguru.
In His famous book "
God Speaks" Meher Baba explained the theory and the purpose of creation to be the Realization of the Self by the Soul. He explained fully the development of the consciousness of Soul from the world of energy to matter and then to the evolution of various forms, in three terminologies used in the three main schools of thoughts "Vedantic", "Mystic" and "Sufi". Baba explained that after the evolution is complete in human form the Soul begins the inner journey through the seven planes or the states of consciousness. The object of creation is the God Himself, wanting to know Himself.
Shri Narayan Maharaj was known throughout India for the many miracles that are associated with His life, but often said that the real miracle is changing himself. When Maharaj dropped His body the State of Mysore provided an aircraft for His body to be taken to Bet, but later it was decided to provide nearly two acres of beautiful land near a lake at Bangalore where His mortal remains are kept at a Samadhi. From 1910 to 1945 His work at Kedgaon Bet and various places has brought thousands of disciples to Him. His single message "Treat every one as God" contains the very essence of all the philosophy of this world.

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